Apartments La Maggiolina - Castellabate in Park of Cilento

You must believe us, it wasn’t easy to put in few pictures the breathtaking landscapes you will enjoy standing at the Residence “La Maggiolina”, built on one of the highest and most panoramic point of the Castellabate hill, about 300 meters on the sea level. You perfectly understood, houses aren’t on the seaside!

We are 1 km far from seaside, as the crow flies. But to reach the nearest “Pozzillo” beach, you have to drive for 3.5 km. People who come to us, enjoy this short distance from the sea, because it is essential to get peace and quiet. As you are used to sit at the right distance from the masterpiece you want to contemplate during a visit to a museum, in the same way, you will enjoy that distance from the natural portrait, from the alive colors and changing landscapes which these places are able to offer in different seasons or in some special moment of the day. The sea, which is the backdrop and ledge of the portrait, is one of the cleanest in Italy. His seaside are awarded every year with the “Bandiera Blu” (Blue Flag: ” (Blue Flag: for more information ).

The medieval town of Castellabate from the top of the hill dominate the two well known areas: San Marco and Santa Maria. Both are reachable by car in few minutes by car, otherwise on feet, walking from the old town on the way to the sea. Near the residence you can find markets, shops and various kind of services. A few dozen meters, near the castle, there is a small market where you can find some local producers and their typical goods.

Maggiolina consists of five apartments, each one with its private entrance, for a total of 19 beds. It is possible to arrange holidays with other families or friends. You can combine privacy and independence and, at the same time, share with your friends memorable moments for lunch, dinner or an evening barbecue in the garden. On the ground floor, surrounded by garden, we find two four beds flats:

Casa Anna
ground floor
with 2+2 beds

Casa Sisto
ground floor
with 2+2 beds

Casa Anna in Castellabate (SA)

Casa Sisto in Castellabate (SA)

At the first floor, enclosed between balconies and terrace, there are two four beds flats and a three beds flat:

Casa Costabile
on the first floor
with 2+2 beds

Casa Nennella
on the first floor
with 2+2 beds

Casa Rinda
on the first floor
with 2+1 beds

Casa Costabile in Castellabate (SA)

Casa Nennella in Castellabate (SA)

Casa Rinda in Castellabate (SA)

You will manage your time with a maximum freedom: there’s no reception nor closing time. You are completely free to come and go whenever, with the maximum respect of silence and quiet for the other guests. Anyway, you are not alone: you can contact us whenever and wherever extremely easy. All the apartments have air conditioning and Internet WIFI connection.

Attention, please, La Maggiolina is not a bed and breakfast! But our guests, when they arrive, they will find into the apartments a Welcome Pack including something to have a quick dinner and prepare a breakfast in the next morning.

Energetic Class G

Energetic Class "G"